U.S. Eco-Municipalities Interested in Sister City Relationship with a Swedish Eco-Municipality

Sarah James, co-founder of the IEMEA and of the first American Eco-municipalities with Torbjörn Lahti, as well as co-writer of the book “The Natural Step for Communities” (2004) with Torbjörn Lahti also, carried out a survey among the American Eco-municipalities with Cindi Contie, who organizes Sustainable Tours for American participants through the Full Circle Discovery. At this occasion, three of those cities (Lawrence Township, New Jersey ; Town of Concord, Massachusetts ; City of Portsmouth, NH) have expressed their will to have a Swedish sister-city. See in the frame below the details Sarah James sent to us.


October, 2017

Introduction: For the past few months, the Institute for Ecomunicipality Education & Assistance (IEMEA) has been carrying out a small survey of people active in the emergence of ecomunicipalities in the United States from 2005 to the present. Fourteen people from nine ecomunicipalities were interviewed. These included present and former mayors of U.S. ecomunicipalities, city and town managers, and citizen activists and “fire souls” who started or supported ecomunicipality initiatives in their local regions. In three cases, respondents indicated they thought their local municipality might be interested in a sister city relationship with a Swedish ecomunicipality. The following is a description of three US ecomunicipalities who might be interested in such a relationship. If there is interest from particular Swedish ecomunicipalities, feel free to contact Sarah James, IEMEA, at james.s@att.net who can provide more information and local contacts.
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May-June 2017 : an ethiopian delegation participates to a Tour in Sweden

Our partnership with SSDE and the future ethiopian eco-municipalities is making great strides this year !

From the 28th of May to the 5th of June, Sustainable Sweden welcomed an Ethiopian delegation from Arba Minch, one of the 14 cities participating in the Eco-municipality Program in Ethiopia, supervised by SSDE. The delegation was composed of 9 people, members of the Goma Gofa Zone, the Arba Minch Municipality and the Arba Minch University, three major actors in the sustainable development project in Arba Minch. This Tour was the occasion for them to observe longstanding eco-municipalities from Southern Sweden (Falkenberg, Gothenburg, Stockholm) and learn from their practices.

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May-June 2017 Tour in Sweden

By the way, we are glad to announce that a Tour in Ethiopia is being prepared and should take place in the next few months. Stay tuned !