Welcome on Sustainable Sweden Website

The Sustainable Sweden Association is a non-government organization working for economical, ecological and social sustainable development. We do so by carrying through projects that contribute to adding competence and networks both on a national as well as on an international level. We are co-operating with the Association for Swedish Eco-Municipalities, who are the hosts during our Sustainable Sweden Tours.

To find out more about what we do during our Tours, please visit this page.
To see an example of one of our latest tours in Sweden, read the description of the June 2016 Tour.

The entrepreneurs behind the Sustainable Sweden Association have decades of experience in the field of sustainable development, especially in building systems combining the different aspects of sustainable development and making the process itself sustainable. The knowledge and experience we have, now give us a platform to exchange these experiences with the rest of the world. Everything in the name of our overall goal – a sustainable earth.

We welcome organizations to join, participate and start projects together with us. We develop projects in order to find out how collaboration between business, government, science, agriculture, education, environmental organizations and municipalities can result in healthier communities and successful business.