Sustainable Sweden Development Ethiopia (SSDE)

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We have the pleasure to say that a new organization is now implemented in Ethiopia : Sustainable Sweden Development Ethiopia, that is a charity.

The aim of this new organization will be to coordinate and help the 8 eco-municipalities in Ethiopia in their actions. Sustainable Sweden Development Ethiopia (SSDE) has its head in Addis Ababa but is linked to the parent organization that we are : Sustainable Sweden Association (SSA) in Sweden.

In fact, in response to the global challenges of climate change, international eco-municipalities network of is developing: Sekom -The Association for Swedish Eco-Municipalities- is a result of this through its role of network for swedish eco-municipalities.
In May 2008, Sekom organized the first international conference on Eco-Municipalities held in Helsinborg (Sweden). Among the participants from around the world, two mayors represented Ethiopia. After the conference, 6 other ethiopian mayors join the movement because they believed that it created an opportunity to reaffirm their commitment to create a sustainable futur in their context. Thus, the network of eight Ethiopian Eco-Municipalities has been established.

SSDE’s role is to be the implementing agency and the link between the participating municipalities and other stakeholders in Ethiopia and SSA in Sweden. SSDE will be responsible for capacity building within the Eco-Municipality Program in Ethiopia (EMPE). The aspiration is to create a common development program under the themes of capacity building, greening waste management and eco-tourism because the country has big challenges in front of her : increase of the population, poor access to safe water, housing difficulties, low health services.

The staff behind SSA have decades of experience in the field of sustainable development, merely through effective engagements across the world towards a goal of sustainable planet. SSA has access to broad international networks of capacity centers, eco-municipalities, business networks, etc…in the field of sustainable development. In partnership with SEKOM there is an ongoing process of building up a virtuall platform for coordinating these networks : Ecomuna.

Sustainable Sweden Association believes in togetherness in synergy manner and
welcomes all partners and organizations to join its ideas for healthier Communities and
businesses !