June 2014 Tour in Sweden

31st May – 15th June

Our next Sustainable Sweden Tour will be in June 2014. This time it will be divided in two parts:
  1. May 31st (Copenhagen) to June 7th (Stockholm): southern Sweden Tour
  2. June 8th (Stockholm) to June 15th (going up to the first Eco-Municipality Övertorneå and ending in Stockholm): Northern Sweden Tour
Meet committed professionals from the host communities (Eco-municipalities of Sweden) with unique competence and experience ! This year, the Tour will focus on Renewable Energy, Green Business, but also on Food Industry and Local Culture. Here will be the overview of the two weeks, a detailed program will come later! Stay tune!
But we also invite participators to come up with their own suggestions. That means, in an early stage as we are now you will have opportunities to influence the final design of the Tour.

Take the opportunity to be part of this upcoming Tour, we are looking forward to meet you in June!


First week – Itinerary

Day 1 – 31st May Saturday, Copenhagen (Denmark) / Höör :
Welcoming the participants, introduction of the Tour
Day 2 – 1st June Sunday, Höör :
Södra Rörum Farm, Transition Movement
Day 3 – 2nd June Monday, Helsinborg :
Waste Management, Renewable Energy
Day 4 – 3rd June Tuesday, Falkenberg :
Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Eco-tourism
Day 5 – 4th June Wednesday, Borås :
Biogaz, System View with Waste Management
Day 6 – 5th June Thursday, Södertälje :
Food Industry, Involvement of Schools in Sustainable Process, Järna Community
Day 7 – 6th June Friday, Södertälje :
Food Industry, Involvement of Schools in Sustainable Process, Järna Community
Day 8 – 7th June Saturday, Stockholm :
Energy Efficiency, Eco-district, Eco-construction

Second week – Itinerary

Day 1 – 8th June Sunday, Stockholm / Sundsvall :
Good Bye to some participants, Welcoming new participants, Traveling Day
Day 2 – 9th June Monday, Sundsvall :
Wood Industry, Green Business, Public / Private Partnership
Day 3 – 10th June Tuesday, Sundsvall / Umeå :
Green Business, Eco-construction, Renewable Energy
Day 4 – 11th June Wednesday, Umeå / Robertsfors :
Eco-village movement
Day 5 – 12th June Thrusday, Luleå / Övertorneå :
Eco-tourism, Local Culture, First Eco-Municipality of Sweden
Day 6 – 13th June Friday, Övertorneå :
Eco-tourism, Local Culture, First Eco-Municipality of Sweden
Day 7 – 14th June Saturday, Övertorneå / Luleå :
Assesment of the Tour, Discussion
Day 8 – 15th June Sunday, Luleå :
Traveling Day, End of the Tour

Global Itinerary on a map

Itinerary 2014


Participants will have to pay a deposit fee: 1800 SEK (one week) or 3240 SEK (two weeks) to pay before the 17th of April. If a participant want to cancel his application, the payback of the deposite fee has to be done before the 17th of April.
The total cost for a week is 18 000 SEK, 32 400 SEK for the 2 weeks. These prices includes everything excepted the flight to come to Sweden and the dinner of the 7th of June (it will be a free night activity). Rooms are booked for 2 persons during the Tour: a additionnal fee is expected for a single room.

Detailed activities will come in few weeks. Please, notice that you will have the possibility to chose to participate to one of the two weeks, or to chose to participate for both weeks.

More informations about the Tour here : Sustainable Sweden Tour Blog

To contact us: torbjorn@sustainablesweden.org or maxime.sustainablesweden@gmail.com