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Sustainable Sweden Tour

– Ecomunicipality, in theory and practice

May 11 – 19


The tour is coming ! 

We are delighted to share with you the information about the 2024 Study Tour.

From May 11 to May 19, we will travel to Northern Swedentogether with our international participants.

The aim is to learn more about the eco-municipality concept, in theory and practice, through study visits, presentations, workshops and dialogues with local actors. 

If you want to hear more about coming activities and tours, contact us at hello@sustainablesweden.org

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Location Program 


Sat May 11


Arrival to Stockholm

Welcome to our tour! Meet your fellow travellers and tour guides during an introduction dinner at our hotel in Stockholm.


Sun May 12


Stockholm  and Luleå – Kalix

Flight to Luleå in the morning, and bus to Kalix after lunch. 
Receive introduction to Sweden, the history of ecomunicipalities and the introduction to the concept of ecomunicipality 5.0. by Torbjörn Lahti, chairman of Sustainable Sweden Association

Mon May 13




Visit to The House of Care and learn about social, economic and ecological sustainability. Learn more about electrics cars in cold climate for domestic service. Talk about the future with teenagers at their school, and listen to offcials presenting the ecomunicipality. Learn about food education for the future.

Tue May 14 Kalix and Övertorneå

Meet representatives from Ecomunicipalities from all around Sweden, at Sekom’s annual conference, and participate to a workshop. Travel to Övertorneå and the Arctic Circle. Welcome by the Mayor Tomas Mörtberg. Meeting with local people, lead by Torbjörn Lahti, discussing the 40-year history, the “soul” of the first Swedish ecomunicipality and its link to nature and indigenous culture. Meet also prof. John Holmberg, researcher and expert on sustainable pedagogic transission, engaged by eg UNESCO and other international organizations. Involved in Övertornea during the 1980’s and 1990’s. Dinner with Tornedalian delicatessen.

Wed May 15 Övertorneå

Övertorneå today ! The town manager Anna Andersson describes how the municipality is working with sustainable development. Study visits to the National Resource Library for the minority language Meänkieli. Study visit to “The House of Families”, to learn more about how they tackle social sustainability. Lunch and visit at Utbildning Nord – the key to the Nordic labor market. Study visits about waste management and biodiversity.

Thu May 16 Sundsvall and Hudiksvall

Travel to Hudiksvall, and participate to a workshop on the train.

Fri May 17 Hudiksvall

The municipality presents the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (FSSD) Presentation of how they are working to develop the municipality. Business and municipality are presenting their collaboration on all dimensions of sustainability with some focus on climate change. System thinking, Quadruple helix, Electrification, study visits.

Sat May 18 Stockholm

The final day of the Northern tour ! Share and reflect on your experience in Stockholm and say goodbye to the group.

Sunday May 19 Stockholm The tour ends after breakfast, have a safe travel home ! 

The Southern part of the tour is postponed to next year’s tour.