January 2015 : Conference at Mekelle University

If you wish to know more about the conference, it has been documented by Mekelle University here

At the beginning of January 2015, Mekelle University in the region of Tigray, Ethiopia held a conference named “Eco-municipality in the region of Tigray” with the members of Sweden Sustainable Development Ethiopia (SSDE). and in collaboration with Tigrai Regional Health Bureau, Mekelle City Administration and Tigrai Bureau of Urban Development Trade and Industry. The goal was to talk about the Pilot Project for Eco-municipalities in Ethiopia, and in particular for the development of the Tigray region.

The theme of the conference was “Linking knowledge to Policy and Action for Sustainable Development and Waste Management”. During the conference several issues were addressed :

  • Explanation of the concept and history of Eco-municipality, and the contents that were to be implemented in Ethiopia.
  • We talked about Waste Management Practices in Mekelle and its implication for future strategy.
  • Current situation and challenges regarding the Waste Management System in Tigray
  • Green and open spaces in Mekelle.

As of 2015, 8 Municipalities and 5 Universities/Technical colleges were participating in the project. Together, they form the first network of Ethiopian Eco-municipalities.