Ecomuna is a global capacity center, founded to help accelerate transition to a sustainable world by supporting, empowering, and deepening sustainable local change around the world using the long-standing Eco-municipality model. No matter where in the world you are, you should be able to turn here for advice, assistance and training. 

A Global Capacity Center for all Eco-municipality friends in the world

The Eco-municipality model is based on a set of sustainability principles that creates a common language to guide action. It was developed by scientists and has been used by municipalities and companies for almost four decades. The ecomunicipality concept offers a path forward for reconnecting with nature, understanding our true needs that drive culture and economy, and discovering healthy ways to meet those needs in a sustainable and regenerative way.

The shared framework and common language in an ecomunicipality approach do not dictate how the community and economic revitalization is implemented locally. It rather illustrates the boundaries and guideposts that define sustainability and regeneration. In this way, the model can also be implemented with existing sustainability or regenerative programs and tools.

A great number of individuals and communities around the world have already started ecomunicipality initiatives. Thus, participants of Ecomuna programs will benefit from lessons learned from long-standing experience in Sweden and other parts of the world.

While Ecomuna platform is currently at a pilot state, it will be launched in the coming months as a global capacity center for five categories of networks:


•Competence/training centers

•Educators and consultants

•Researchers, research centers and experts

•Ecomunicipalities’ friends (every person interested in the model and who would want to learn more about it, or participate in any shape or form in the process)

Such members will be able to attend in the network meetings, expose and highlight their work with sustainable development and participate in the activites offered through Ecomuna with a reduced fee.

Ecomuna values

Ecomuna is founded on and is dedicated to a holistic view, joint learning, scientific grounding, inclusion, and mutual respect.

We believe that programs in communities can benefit and develop faster together with a core capacity center and surrounding supportive network. Ecomuna is to be the capacity center for ecomunicipalities. 

Ecomuna will be a home base for ecomunicipalities to gather and collaborate.  Together, we will celebrate good examples and successes and work through and overcome obstacles in a supportive learning community. 

Click here to learn about and watch the Ecomuna Conference done for the 30th anniversary of Övertorneå, the first Eco-municipality ever created in Sweden.