april 2013

Welcome to Ecomuna: a Global Capacity Center for all Eco-Municipality friends in the world !

Click here to learn about and watch the Ecomuna Conference done for the 30th anniversary of Övertorneå, the first Eco-municipality ever created in Sweden.

The National Association of Swedish Eco-Municipalities and Sustainable Sweden Association have created a virtual meeting place where we want to bring together all enthusiastic ”fire-souls” and other interested in the growing global Eco-Municipality movement. Our web-room is the first step in building a global Capacity Center for Eco-Municipalities – Ecomuna.

Here we want to connect the eco-municipalities, capacity centers, networks and other organizations that share the Eco-Municipality values. Along with these and all the individual members, we want to create a tool that can accelerate the transition to a sustainable world by supporting, disseminating and deepen sustainable local change around the world.

As of september 2016, Ecomuna is unavailable, but it will soon be updated or replaced

Here is the old link