APRIL 2016

A new Sustainable Sweden Tour is planned for April 2016. It is a Study Tour and preparation for the upcoming ”Pilot Project for Ecomunicipalities in Ethiopia”, which is expected to start during 2016. The Tour is designed as a training program with a combination of theory and field studies. The participants will get a deeper understanding of sustainable development with a special focus on Ecomunicipalities. The host municipalities will be ecomunicipalities who will share their many years of experiences of how to strategically transform their communities in sustainable direction. The theoretical parts of the training will focus on the concept Ecomunicipality 5.0, which will be the frame work for the Ethiopian projects.



Our next Sustainable Sweden Tour will be in June 2014. This time it will be divided in two parts:
  1. May 31st (Copenhagen) to June 7th (Stockholm): southern Sweden Tour
  2. June 8th (Stockholm) to June 15th (going up to the first Eco-Municipality Övertorneå and ending in Stockholm): Northern Sweden Tour
Besides Eco-municipalities -we will always have Eco-Municipaities as hosts-,  themes during the road will be “Green Business”: sustainable energy, waste management solutions, sustainable constructions and sustainable food production, etc… But we also invite participators to come up with their own suggestions. That means, in an early stage as we are now you will have opportunities to influence the final design of the Tour. During the coming month a detailed program will emerge and the fees will be set. Stay tune!
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The REACT U.S meeting on the 26th of November was also a success! A page is dedicated to the event on our website.
We have the pleasure to say that a new organization is now implemented in Ethiopia : Sustainable Sweden Development Ethiopia.

The International Seminar “Together towards a new sustainable economic paradigm”,        in Visby, Gotland, took place the 6th and 7th September 2013. Now, you can find all the recordings of the different presentations here : Ecomuna

The Sustainable Sweden Tour – 31 August – 8 September 2013 – was also a success! You can find all the detailled articles, pictures, videos here : Sustainable Sweden Tour New Blog