Sustainable Sweden Association is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that works to develop the economic, ecological and social aspects of sustainable development at the local level.

Founded in 2000, its overall mission is to build bridges between Sweden and other countries through international projects – especially the creation of Eco-municipalities – in order to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world.


Beginning of our Case Studies series !

The Sustainable Sweden team is proud to announce the publication of the first article for our Case Studies series! In our case studies, we propose to discover the work of ecomunicipalities: their approach, the actions implemented and the difficulties they encounter....

Quid of Sustainable Sweden’s Activities during the pandemic ?

If you want to know more about Sustainable Sweden's Activities during the pandemic, please click here.

New article about the February trip in Ethiopia

Between the 9th and 24th of February, the delegation of Sustainable Sweden Association went to Ethiopia to start the Process Leader Training Program in Mekelle, in the region of Tigray. Click here to visit SSDE's website and read the article !

New article about the trip in Ethiopia of November

Between November, 3rd and November, 16th, the delegation of SSA and SSDE worked in the region of Amhara to support our partnership with the Eco-municipalities of Bahir Dar, Lalibela, Gondar and Woldiya. Click here to visit SSDE's website and learn more about it.

New article about the concept of Ecofeminism

Feminism and ecology can be gathered in the same struggle! Click here to read the article about Ecofeminism.