May 2017 : Workshops in Axum and Mekelle

In May 2017, SSDE managed two workshops in Ethiopia. These workshops are essential for the pilot project, to make good basis for the future eco-municipalities !

The first one took place the 10th of May, in Mekelle. The aim was to answer this very question : “How to make Mekelle to the frontier Ecomunicipality of Ethiopia ?” In order to answer it, 4 themes were discussed during the day : waste management (solid waste, liquid waste, air pollution), urban greening, eco-tourism, capacity building.

Then, from the 12th to the 13th of May, the second workshop took place in Axum. The participants had the opportunity to work in groups on three main subjects : “the present situation in Axum, base-line inventory. What are the challenges we have to face ?” ;  “possible solutions”, or  “priorities and next steps”. This work was based on a participative and democratic approach.