May 2017 : Workshops in Axum and Mekele

In May 2017, SSDE managed two workshops in Ethiopia. These workshops are essential for the pilot project, to make good basis for the future eco-municipalities !

The first one took place the 10th of May, in Mekelle. The aim was to answer this very question : “How to make Mekelle to the frontier Ecomunicipality of Ethiopia ?” In order to answer it, 4 themes were discussed during the day : waste management (solid waste, liquid waste, air pollution), urban greening, eco-tourism, capacity building.

Then, from the 12th to the 13th of May, the second workshop took place in Axum.The participants had the opportunity to work in groups on three main subjects : “the present situation in Axum, base-line inventory. What are the challenges we have to face ?” ;  “possible solutions”, or  “priorities and next steps”. This work was based on a participative and democratic approach.