Ecomuna Conference : Övertorneå’s 30th anniversary

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Ecomuna conference – Övertorneå’s 30th anniversary

The National Association for Swedish Eco-municipalities (SEKOM) together with the team of Sustainable Sweden Association have built a virtual conference room called Ecomuna. This program has allowed for trainings, meetings, and conferences between the Eco-municipalities to be done in a cost-effective way and with a low carbon-footprint as the participants didn’t have to travel long distances by plane or car. The best examples are with meetings in which Swedish and American Eco-municipalities took part.

The Ecomuna conference for Övertorneå’s 30th anniversary

Marking the 30th anniversary of the Eco-municipality in Övertorneå, the first in Sweden, a conference has been held in August 2013. The participants were :

  • The IEMEA, the Institute for Eco-Municipalities, Education and Assistance represented by Sarah James.
  • Environmental consultant Kim Cornelissen from Quebec
  • The Eco-municipality of Portsmouth, New Hampshire in the United States
  • The Eco-municipality of Vandergrift, Pennsylvania in the United States
  • Environmental consultant Paulo Vodianitskaia, representing the Eco-municipality movement in Brazil
  • The Eco-municipality of Övertorneå itself, which was founded in 1983 and the entire municipal board member

During the conference, each participant explained the progress they had seen in the Eco-municipality movement, in which ways they managed to convince and make agreements between all the actors in the municipalities, and they all expressed their general satisfaction with what had been done.